Would You Pay $500 to Cuddle Godzilla?


From Steiff, the company that basically invented the teddy bear, thereby assuring that children the world over have a distorted, overly cute view of large ground-based predators, comes this new high-end Godzilla, because if you try and hug a reptile in real life, it hurts and you can catch all kinds of nasty bacteria from their mouth.

Don’t ask how I know that. Just assume the worst. Anyway, despite being $500, this 19.5 inch tall plush has sold out of its first run already, but they’re taking advance orders for the next shipment – for a grand total of 1,954 units produced.

That’s pretty limited…Hey, it’s almost as limited as Godzilla’s actual screen time in the recent movie, amirite? Don’t look at me like that. Y’all were the ones who complained.

h/t troi