17 Things You May Have Missed This Weekend, From KFC Keyboards to Hamster Hot-Dogging


A 16-disc set of Matt Smith’s Doctor Who tenure is coming – and that’s but one thing that came up in conversation over the course of the weekend thread. Compiled with the help of Kyle LeClair, here are some of the other stories you might have missed.

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1.Roberto Orci Into Delay-ness.

Good news, Power Rangers fans – Orci is so involved in Star Trek 3 that he won’t be able to graft a 9-11 truther subtext onto your upcoming movie reboot.

2. Open Boob. Insert Head.

It’s funny now, but it’d be hilarious if there were actually a guillotine on the other side.

3. Swatting on the Fly.

If you thought Gamergate was bad, here’s how it can get a whole lot worse.

4. Finger-Clickin’ Good.


If you’ve never wanted to eat your words before, this Japanese KFC keyboard will change all that. Unless you’re vegetarian, I suppose.

5. Doctored Doom.

It’s Donkey Kong Country remade using the Doom engine, because that is a thing that somebody wanted to do.

6. Just a Couple of Wiener-Eaters.

When a tiny hamster takes on Kobayashi in a hot-dog eating contest, everyone wins.

7. I Can Plaz Cheezburger?

“I was cast as Grumpy Cat once. It was awful.” – Aubrey Plaza, 20 years from now.

8. Road, Eh? Oh, Drive.

Final Fantasy XV trailer looks like a fun ride.

9. The Preacher Man Says It’s the End of Time…

Duncan Jones is apparently willing to resort to self-cannibalism in order to direct episodes of the Seth Rogen-produced Preacher. That’s the right spirit.

10. We Can Remember It for You Wholesale.

Would you rather remember your life as Hauser, or Quaid? New technology may help you pick the happier one.

11. Elf Control.

Sorry, Legolas – “elfed” ears are now specifically prohibited in the U.S. military. Said one Dr. Leonard McCoy, thought to have instituted the policy, “Dammit Obama, we’re soldiers, not green-blooded goblins!”

12. Watch Cartoon Iron Sheik or Go Fuck Yourself Like the Mel Gibson.

Hulk Hogan’s Rock ‘n’ Wrestling cartoon will be coming to the WWE network, which finally this past weekend ran a glitch-free live event (on my PS3, anyway – not everyone I surveyed was so lucky).

For those who didn’t know, that intro music was actually Hogan’s ring entrance theme before “Real American,” which was actually written for Barry Windham and Mike Rotundo.

13. Aqua, Fine-a.

Is Aquaman going to look like a surfer onscreen? Well, he does have some experience.

14. More to Dredd.

This musical plea for a Dredd sequel gives a new meaning to the term “urban music.”

15. Dizzyland.

I don’t know what’s going on with this spacey music set to re-edited Disney clips, but I like it.

16. The Hills Are a’Dead…

New Silent Hills trailer does not provide the reassurance of Norman Reedus at your side. But maybe Reedus’ new book of fan art will.