Forget Godzilla…King Kong’s Fighting Loki Next Movie


A different kind of beauty will face the beast, MTV is reporting, as Tom Hiddleston has just been cast opposite King Kong in Skull Island, to be directed by Kings of Summer‘s Jordan Vogt-Roberts.

Though the movie is presumed to be a prequel, what with the Comic-Con teaser showing an ape resembling Peter Jackson’s version, and that Kong having died at the end and all, nothing official has actually yet stated that it is. Kong has died many times and been revived – this could just as easily be a reboot, especially if there are even the vaguest of plans to have him meet Godzilla later, which would admittedly be legally tricky (‘Zilla is under Legendary’s old partnership with WB, while Kong is mostly owned by new partners Universal, with some aspects in the public domain).

If Kong makes it past this battle, that is. For Hiddleston has quite a bit of experience dealing with oversized brutes who sound like thunder approaching.