Talk and Relevant Discussions in Snark: “Into the Dalek” SPOILER Thread


I’ll start with a few of my thoughts…

-“Into darkness” AND “resistance is futile”? Is Moffat puffing his chest out now just in case the Borg are the villains in Star Trek Reboot 3? (What do you want to bet it actually WILL be called Star Trek: Resistance Is Futile? The Borg seem too obvious a potential homeland security metaphor for a 9-11 obsessive like Roberto Orci to ignore. And yes, the Daleks were way first.)

-So these people have a gun to the Doctor’s head, are ready to kill him, and then they let him just piss off back to Earth to pick up Clara? What did I miss there?

-Seems like they should have miniaturized a whole lot smaller.

-I don’t get the people who say this Doctor is humorless. It’s just very dry humor.

-Good to see people from Northern Ireland make it into space in the future.

-The Doctor’s distrust of soldiers is odd, given his friendship with Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart…I can buy that his PTSD from the time war makes him irrational towards them, but rationally you’d think he’d be a bit more understanding. Obviously foreshadows friction with Clara’s future boyfriend; a guy you wouldn’t think would be her type if she was into Matt Smith.

-Is EVERY episode going to have a character who dies and ends up having tea with Mystery Woman in the afterlife? That won’t get old fast at all.

-The Dalek gravitating to the Doctor’s hatred may have been predictable, but I dug it. Mystery Woman is obviously going to play on the Doctor’s fear of being bad at some point.

Okay, now your turn to talk.