The 1983 Version of Roger Rabbit, With Paul Reubens


Years before the version of Who Framed Roger Rabbit? that we know and love, there was another version, scrapped by Disney in 1983 until Robert Zemeckis revived the concept, building on some of what had come before.

Now, footage from an old Disney Channel show called Disney Studio Showcase has emerged that shows some of the pencil tests and footage from the old version, including a Roger voiced by the Man Who Would Be Pee-wee, albeit still with the stammer that Charles Fleischer would one day make his own.

Had this version been made, Jessica Rabbit would probably have been the villain and not the toon-fetish we all know today, and Reubens might have focused on voice-over work to the detriment of that other bow-tied character he was working on as part of a stage show at the time. So we’re probably better off – but it’s fascinating to see what could have been.

via Cartoon Brew