Are We Finally Getting a Decent My Little Pony Movie?


It looks like there’s a chance for something more than the ’80s movie, which wasn’t well-liked even by the standards of ’80s toy-commercial cartoons, and the Equesstria Girls films, which feel like what they are – attempts to launch a spin-off doll line and keep it alive, regardless of such petty concerns as story and logic.

As part of Hasbro’s new “Allspark Pictures” label, which will make the film in-house with a distribution studio to be decided later, it will be written by Joe Ballarini, one of the many writers who had his hands on Ice Age: Continental Drift.

And yes, it will most likely be animated – Variety paraphrases (without quoting directly) Hasbro Studios president Stephen Davis, saying “when it comes to producing the animation, technology has brought down costs to a level where it doesn’t need to spend $100 million or more to make the film.” Yeah, if it were live-action, you would here of a studio attachment, I’d say. It could be CG, though!

What do they have to do to make it not suck? And how do you fear they might screw it up by going for a broader demographic, as they inevitably will? More ‘splosions?