Diamond Select Reveals New Images of Next Star Trek Action Figure: Worf


I was a big fan of Diamond’s first two Select Kirk and Spock figures, but I’m now wondering if the cost of materials went up, as their Picard and Worf seem a bit more limited. I’m not talking about their semi-preposed nature, but rather the diorama bits – Kirk came with Khan and a piece of the engine room, while Spock came with a Horta. Worf comes with…the Klingon Empire insignia on a wall? I mean, I know the episode, but couldn’t we get a piece of floor to stand him on?

Yes, Worf toy, I know, “I do not require the creature comforts of your other figures. I am a Klingon.” I’m just saying foot pegs would keep you from falling over.

Worf will hit stores next spring.