EXCLUSIVE ABCs of Death 2 Reveal – “R”


The first ABCs of Death was the perfect movie for twisted, deranged individuals like all of us to watch while drunk – requiring no attention span whatsoever, it featured 26 shorts that all ended in a death suggested by a different letter of the alphabet.

The sequel, with 26 new shorts, debuts on-demand today and in theaters on Halloween, and between then and now, we’re going to be one of 26 sites premiering exclusive content related to one of the film’s segments. Ours is “R,” directed by Blood Glacier‘s Marvin Kren. When you see our exclusive still, you’ll know exactly what the R stands for…

ROULETTE! (The Russian kind, of course)

To celebrate the VOD release on 10/2, producers Tim League, Ant Timpson and the international filmmakers will be holding a Live Twitter #DeathParty starting at 10:00 PM ET on Thursday (10/2). Join in the conversation along with the creators using the hashtag #DeathParty, and keep your eyes open later in the month for two more exclusives (they’re not pictures) from Marvin Kren.

I’ve literally only watched the “R” segment in full, but it’s quite good – more artful and cinematic than a lot of the segments in the first movie. I look forward to seeing if the rest measure up…and being pretty wasted while doing so, as I was at Fantastic Fest a couple years back when Tim League made us all shotgun a beer and then served us alphabet soup.