Netflix’s Marvel’s Daredevil Costume and Footage Description


New York Comic Con just held a panel on the show, and here, from Twitter, is Jim Dandeneau’s description of what he saw…


Rosario Dawson is Night Nurse

Also got Ben Urich, Vanessa Fisk, Leland Owlsley on stage.

Good lord d’onofrio looks incredible as kingpin

3 scenes so far: DD fighting off an invader in Karen’s apt-fight scene looked great. Sound mixing was interesting.

2nd was DD getting treatment from Night Nurse. DD costume looks different than most tv/movie superhero costumes.

3rd was the Wilson/Vanessa scene.

Miller/JRjr Man Without Fear is a big influence on the story acc. to DeKnight

Going to play up the dichotomy of lawyer/vigilante in the series. Said DD is “one bad day from being Frank Castle”

Elden Henson is Foggy. Just showed a clip of him, Matt and Karen at the offices of Nelson & Murdock.

Loeb: SHIELD, movies, netflix series all connected. No specifics on how. crowd loved it.

Closing with the rest of the fight scene.

Fight scene looked really good. DD in the rain against the guy from Karen’s apartment with a flashback to his childhood & his dad.

Jim adds in an email: “The costume looks…cloth is the best way I can describe it. It doesn’t look like cox is wearing a ton of padding like the Cap suit or even leathery like the Hawkeye suit. He looks small and wiry in it, not bulked out or at all physically intimidating. The mask is a separate piece (I think) that looks like a bandana pulled down over his eyes and down to the nose. The full suit in action was heavily shadowed. Cox was laying down and unmasked with night nurse.

Also, bob gunton as the owl, vondie curtis hall as ben urich, ayelet zurer as vanessa and toby leonard moore as wesley, kingpin’s right hand man.”