Twin Peaks Is BACK…on Showtime


I personally never felt like Twin Peaks needed more closure – the ending was perfect as it was. But references to things resurfacing in 25 years were too good not to pass up, and David Lynch could honestly use the money. Inland Empire, while great, is probably not something I’ll ever choose to sit through again, and he’s had nothing else on the horizon for a while.

The great thing about the TV landscape now versus then is that premium cable allows auteurs to be as weird as they want and as R-rated as they want, and while the confines of a network probably led to more creativity, you always knew – and the theatrical movie emphasized – that there was dark shit going down you never quite saw. As you might expect, any further questions at this point bring a bunch of non-answers, beyond the fact that nine episodes are committed to. But I trust Agent Cooper will be the Kwisatz Haderach at last.

And I have to get fucking Showtime now. Like I needed a bigger cable bill, y’all.