A Crazy Trailer for Clay-Animated Game Armikrog, Starring Michael J. Nelson and Rob Paulsen


Earthworm Jim creator Doug TenNapel’s new game, funded on Kickstarter last year, finally has a full trailer that I think breaks my brain just a bit. It’s like if a Claymation Earthworm Jim landed on the sandworm planet from Beetlejuice, and teamed with Tim Burton’s Family Dog (remember when Tim Burton was creative, you guys?). Add in voice talents from Mystery Science Theater 3000 and Animaniacs alongside suitably nutty music, and you’ve got something I want to see in any form, even if I have to borrow somebody else’s PC to play it on…or at least stare uncomfortably over their shoulders as they do, strands of drool slowly descending from my outstretched tongue to the fibers of their garments beneath.

Consensually, of course. There are totally people who like that, right?

h/t Melissa Molina via Cartoon Brew