Comedian Andie Bolt Making a Documentary About Fighting Cancer With…Warcraft!


Not precisely literally, of course – she’d be insane to say, “Hey, forget those meds, I’m gonna rub a Warcraft disc on the tumor!” But WoW MoM is about how her mother dealt with battling cancer by battling virtual Orcs, and the discovery that she was not alone in this. After all the nonsense that’s been dividing game-players lately, it’s almost as inspirational just to see male and female gamers together extolling the positives as it is to see folks with cancer gaining new hope. (Note that I said “almost” – beating back cancer is still just about the best thing there is.)

Hell, it’s so positive that even though Chris Hardwick grabs as much camera time as he can in the trailer, I’m posting it anyway. Legendary owns Nerdist, and is also making a Warcraft movie, but since it’s wrapped already Andie’s mom probably can’t have a cameo in it. Here’s hoping she’s back to full health – and can be a full Elf – by the time there’s a sequel.