Here’s Our First Look at Neill Blomkamp’s Hip-Hop Robot Chappie



Not a lot has been announced about Blomkamp’s new movie, though I’m sure it won’t surprise you to know that Sharlto Copley provides the voice of the title character, a robot who looks like Briareos’ anorexic brother and continues Blomkamp’s future-meets-Grand Theft Auto aesthetic. South African rappers Vi$$er and Ninja are among the cast, so it’s safe to say there’ll be a hip-hop vibe of some sort.

I love the director’s visual style, but I really hope this is a less preachy movie than Elysium – or at least one that frames the debate more strongly. (The hot-button debate about whether robots should play with building blocks, I assume.)

This is a cool first poster.

via Twitchfilm.