Inevitably, a Star Wars Parody of That “Woman Getting Catcalls in New York” Video Happened


Not to equate the two things directly – there’s enough racial baggage going around for that – but why do I have a feeling that if Martin Luther King Jr. were alive today, his “I have a dream” speech would immediately be followed by a Star Wars parody version, with Yoda going, “Judge me by the color of my skin, do you?”

Moses freeing the Hebrews? “Great shot, kid, that was one in a million.” Hitler invading Russia? “It’s a trap!” Jesus being crucified? “Strike me down with all of your hatred!”

I’m not posting this to diminish the issue of harassment. I’m posting it in part to show how everything can get this treatment, no matter how inappropriate, and how many creepy pick-up lines can be mined from Star Wars to make you look absolutely terrible.

In real canon, we all know Leia could smack them around with the Force afterward, anyway. Ask Jabba how sexual harassment worked out for him.