The Walking Dead Recap and SPOILER Thread – The Carol and Daryl Show


“Ya know, sonny, in my day we got by on eatin’ just one finger a week, and we liked it!”

-Has there been a walker yet that’s a Texas Ranger? Seems like that really should happen.

-So is Lennie James the “Missy” of The Walking Dead? Doesn’t look as though he’s going to show up again until this hospital business is all done. Unless he’s really the head of it somehow.

-Yes, when Daryl talked about whether he’d changed, the whole racism thing was kinda unspoken. And they faked me out good when he dropped a bookcase on a black guy, then picked it up again.

-I’m only now noticing Daryl’s inner arm tattoo. Does that mean the story’s gotten less interesting to where I pay attention to small stuff like that, or does Norman have a new tattoo?

-Daryl is the fan-favorite character AND he gets the best zombie kills. Hardly seems fair. Give Beth the best kills and make it even.

-Oh, there’s a book here called How to Sum up My Entire Untold Backstory With a Sight Gag? Sure, I’ll bring that along.

-Why is the top bunk more her style? Because of the plush toys?

-If the tent’s a rockin’, the dead be walkin’.

-To everyone who actually thought Norman Reedus leaked a major spoiler when he showed a pic of that corpse being burned: ha ha!

-Whole lotta luck involved in landing that ambulance. I guess there wasn’t much choice. And no apparent passenger-side air bag.

-Like how Daryl says “a blonde girl” and the guy immediately replies “Beth?” I guess no other blondes survived the apocalypse to make it to the hospital.

-Has anybody else noticed that even when Chris Hardwick laughs, the corners of his mouth remain turned downward?