The Walking Dead SPOILER Talkback


Worst. Episode. Ever.

No hyperbole. I’ve liked this show beyond the tolerance of many of you, but this episode bored me silly – even more so than the one where Carl ate pudding or Daryl got whiny about his childhood home.

-Sorry, Beth, but I don’t care about you. You’re annoying, and the people you run into suck too. Con-man doctor, bitchy cop, token black man, rapey guy…they can screw off. This entire episode was treading water until Carol came in at the end.

-Hell, I even miss fake-redneck Rick Grimes.

-The zombies at the bottom are cool though.

-They’re staying in Atlanta? That seems dumb. Also seems like nobody on this show has gotten very far at all.

-When Is Lennie James gonna show up, after being the big episode 1 reveal?

-Beth, your best bet career-wise is to hope that Saoirse Ronan needs a double.

-How does guinea pig taste? More piggy, or rodenty?

-Keisha Castle-Hughes was in this? Seems like a comedown from being the Virgin Mary and third Queen of Naboo. Meesa tinkin sheesa gonna dieeee.

-Apparently this season will be closer to the comics than any of the previous years. All I know is that may mean Rick loses his hand at some point.

-What am I missing?