Wanna See Warcraft Movie Orcs, King Llane and More?


We’re live-Tweeting from BlizzCon, and this just got revealed.

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Rob Kazinsky (Orgrim the Orc) wielding the hammer.


Dominic Cooper as King Llane

Other cast/roles include Travis Fimmel from Vikings as Lothar, Toby Kebbell (Koba in Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, and the new Dr. Doom) as Durotan, Ben Foster as Medivh, and Paula Patton as Garona.

The story will be based on the first game, and Duncan Jones wants to spend equal time on Orcs and humans. The Sam Raimi pitch had been human-centric.

As was done with Tron Legacy, sounds of this convention audience yelling things like “For Azeroth!” were recorded live to be used in the movie.


You can sign up online to get more info depending on which side you take in the battle: Alliance or Horde.

Peter adds: “Essentially the presentation was a sizzle reel. Duncan Jones (on camera called “exhausted director reads from cue cards”) showed an extended version of what was shown at comic con. Looks very CG but it’s not finished. More about giving fans a feel for the tone. Looks like a big middle earth like war between orcs and alliance. Each leader has a line of dialogue. After that the best part was a near final build of Orc leader (one played by Kazinky). Close up. Very detailed. Is comforting someone. Chris (head of blizzard or at least Warcraft) had mentioned this at panel. The Orc looks like a wrestler in build with snaffle toothed. Very broad shouldered.

And not green skinned. Thought all orcs were green? Maybe that’s a change made to look more real? I thought it worked. Fans cheered. “

(Peter Paras contributed to this report)