Weekstarter: Doctor Who Xmas Clip, Religious Vader, Skeletor Sells Hondas, Weird Al and More


It’s Monday! And you may be miserable, but we’ve rounded up a whole bunch of stuff – 15 items in all – from the Weekend Open Thread to make you smile and grimace, compiled with the aid of Kyle LeClair.

This week’s tipsters include troi, Dredder, Gallen_Dugall, skrag2112, Anyone00, SlyDante777, GhostRacer21.

1. From Glen to Glen, and Down the Mountainside.

We start with a sad one, though – Glen A. Larson, producer of every semi-cheesy ’70s and ’80s action show you remember that wasn’t made by Stephen J. Cannell, has died.

Watching the tribute reel above made me acutely aware of one thing – his shows either had the most amazing theme music to ever grace my young ears – or the most godawful, misjudged, tone-deaf racket. There was no in-between.

2. Bat Record, Joe.


Vinylly, the Bat-logo can come home to your turntable, with Mondo’s bat-shaped record which plays the animated series theme. Let’s disc us.

3. What’s Next – a Dodge Ram-Man?

Skeletor wants you to by a Honda. Doesn’t sound like a ringing endorsement, right? Well, consider this – it may well be part of an evil scheme, but his evil schemes always backfire spectacularly. So in this case, it’s like double reverse psychology.

4. Deck Capaldi, Nice and Snarly, Fa la la la la, la la la la.

The first clip from the Doctor Who Christmas special is here, and yes, Clara is still around.

Also: damn right, Doctor. Tangerines in the stocking always sucked.

5. Luke 3:16 – Glory Be to the Father.

Darth Vader trades in one ancient religion for another, and is even scarier when he quotes scripture.

6. Flying Blind on a Rocket Cycle?

Maybe his eyes are open. It’s hard to tell.

But he’ll save every one of us from slowness.

7. Uhhhhh Whaaaaa?

Hubert your life this is a Farnsworth cosplay from Futurama!

8. That’s…Unpossible?


A horrifying cake that looks like a sliced-open Ralph Wiggum is not necessarily the dessert I’d choo-choo-choose to eat.

9. Al Be Shack.

I don’t begrudge Weird Al making some money doing commercials. I do begrudge him shilling for a terrible store where everything breaks after the first time you use it. Gallagher would be a more appropriate pitchman for Radio Shack, if he hadn’t gone insane.

10. One Score and No Years Ago…

Here’s a little video celebrating 20 years of PlayStation. Just wait’ll 2015, when it can legally get drunk.

11. Bust a Capcom in Yo Ass.

Loot Crate pits Mega Man against foes old and new in their live-action fan film.

12. Rockets! Yeahhh! Savin’ a Drive-in Love!


Johnnie Rockets wants to make some of its restaurants into drive-in movie theaters. If the moviegoing experience is as good as their food, well…I wouldn’t expect the idea to last long.

13. Knuckles Sandwich Is a Mouthful.

Weird Sonic glitch looks kinda like oral sex if you squint enough. Methinks some furries are just desperate for any stimulation.

14. Boned.

The Trials and Tribulations of Being a Skeleton from Gentleman Scholar on Vimeo.

Not all skeletons have muscular blue physiques and rant about He-Man.

15. Why Critics Are out of a Job Nowadays.

When you can get the Iron Sheik to review heavy metal bands, why would you need some intellectual who knows about music?