“Arkham Batman in Adam West Costume” Will Be a Mattel 4-inch Figure


This is an odd duck indeed, and I presume it’s Mattel’s weird version of the way NECA used a videogame loophole to make a Michael Keaton Batman. It’s not Adam West Batman – it’s Arkham Origins Batman as he appears with the downloadable 1966 skin.

Di-a-bolical. And, I must say, a far less interesting way to dodge likeness rights than NECA pulled off.

UPDATE: Clearly my point about the likeness is misunderstood. OF COURSE I know they’ve made Adam West figures. But that doesn’t mean they can now make them in a different scale for no extra money. Not to mention that there’s a very good chance their deal has run out, since there haven’t been any new 6-inch, Barbie, or other ’66 Batman toys announced in a while.

via ActionFigureInsider