Here Are the Big Reveals of the PlayStation Experience…


Well, we might as well start with the one everybody’s talking up the most – Street Fighter V. It definitely looks like a Street Fighter game, albeit one with flashier graphics and the ability to crash through one background into another. I guess “If it ain’t broke” syndrome rules here, but unlike Bison, I don’t think players want their days of the week to be forgettable.

And here we see 15 minutes of Uncharted 4, in which Drake has quite the potty-mouth:

If Beavis and Butt-head had artistic talent, Drawn to Death is the game that would be based on their high-school notebook sketches. Literally.

There was some Final Fantasy VII excitement, but that turned out to be promoting just a direct adaptation of the PC version, and not a new update at all…

Popular Japanese game Yakuza 5 is coming to the U.S. as a PS3 exclusive.

Grim Fandango, however, is getting a nice facelift.

…as is Day of the Tentacle, but we don’t have a new trailer for that yet, so here’s a nostalgia blast.

Are these the games you’re looking for? Or did the Game Awards wind up getting the best trailers after all?

(Kyle LeClair contributed to this article. I mean, duh, right?)