Jonathan Frakes Wants to Direct Star Trek 3. Here Are 5 Reasons He Shouldn’t.


With the fan-disliked Roberto Orci out of the director’s chair for Star Trek 3, all kinds of fantasy drafts are going on in Trekkie heads right about now, and the one that seems to be gaining traction is that Commander Riker himself, Jonathan Frakes, should be given the job. Adding fuel to the fire, Frakes has announced that he too wants to take the helm, and has asked his agent to actively pursue it.

I have five reasons why he shouldn’t be the guy…

1. Jonathan Frakes Directed Star Trek: Insurrection.

2. Star Trek: Insurrection Is Fucking Terrible.

3. Seriously. This Was Some Embarrassing Shit. If Anyone Else Had Made It, You’d Hate Them Worse Than Michael Bay.

4. Given the Chance to Direct Himself, He Did This.

5. Yes, Picard Says a Fucking Lethal Weapon Line, Because This Movie Really Is the Worst Trek Movie. Way Worse Than Into Darkness. Yes, Really.

And I couldn’t even find the clip where Worf gets a giant zit and complains about it.

(h/t to Greggory Basore and John Vikor Green for the linked articles)