New Official James Bond Heineken Commercial…With CGI HERVE VILLECHAIZE!


Folks, we have reached the pinnacle of technology. We have (digitally) rebuilt Herve Villechaize. Welcome to Fantasy Island.

If you’re asking why, of all the Bond characters past and present, the Heineken folks just randomly threw Herve in there, it is because you just don’t know the glory of Herve. And maybe you just never will. But aside from being a world-renowned painter in his teens, a Bond villain henchman, the costar of Fantasy Island, and the legs of Oscar the Grouch when needed, this was a little person (he preferred “midget,” though most don’t) who survived being born in Nazi-occupied France to become a movie star. And Peter Dinklage wants to play him in a movie.

But hey, if you want to watch the ad just because you like Daniel Craig, I guess that’s fine too.