Neill Blomkamp’s Chappie Will Have a Toy, and It Won’t be Cheap


We never got Christopher Johnson or transforming Wikus as District 9 action figures. Nor was there a toy of bald Matt Damon in an exo-suit from Elysium. But third time’s the charm for those who want toys – and not just statues – based on Neill Blomkamp’s future-gangsta aesthetic. Chappie is coming!

Coming from Hong Kong-based threezero toys, that is – the ones who do the super-detailed, ultra-expensive Titanfall mechs. You may not have to trade in your humanity or your life, as the director’s protagonists have, to meet the inevitably steep sticker-tag…but it might just feel like it.

And yes, that IS a 12″ scale ED-209 from the RoboCop remake! And no, I can’t think of anyone who actually asked for that!