New James Bond Movie Title Is SPECTRE! But Is Waltz Really Blofeld?


Check out the video embed below, and let’s all watch together at around 6 a.m. EST…

HIGHLIGHTS: the movie is called SPECTRE, but Christoph Waltz’s character was not named as Blofeld, even though every other character was pointedly introduced with their character names. Bond girls this time are Lea Seydoux and Monica Bellucci, and Dave Bautista is called “Mr. Hinx.”

UPDATE: Bond Twitter account says he’s called “Oberhauser,” which I presume is German for “John Harrison.”

All rumors mostly confirmed now. Same writers and director as Skyfall, alas…I like every element except them. Sam Mendes movies just don’t click with me, and Skyfall very much bore his fingerprints, more so than most other Bond film/director combos. We shall see.