First-Ever ROXY ROCKET Batman Animated Figure Is Coming


I saw an image of this shared on twitter yesterday and figured it had to be a custom. No way Roxy Rocket was actually getting a figure, right? Especially at a higher-end price that included a vehicle?

Wrong be me. She’s the first deluxe figure in DC Collectibles’ 6″-scale animated line, clocking in at $39.95 suggested retail with a rocket that features working lights. The star of what Bruce Timm considered one of the most risque episodes of the animated series ever (it’s likely no coincidence that when she made the leap to non-animated continuity, DC jacked up her cleavage quite a bit just because they could), this thrill-seeking stunt aviatrix is an archetype that probably does have more appeal to older collectors than kiddies.

Girls like that at least in this incarnation, she doesn’t wear a cheesy, revealing outfit; boys like that she’s riding a giant metal phallus half the time (her description boasts, in all caps, “ROCKET MEASURES 12.25″ LONG”). Steampunkers and retro-aviation fans of all stripes probably just lost their collective shit.