Marvel Is Totally Gonna Kill Off Deadpool Now That His Movie Got Greenlit. Really! Honest!


Nerdist got the exclusive on the company’s latest publicity stunt, which is either just that, or yet another incredibly spiteful jab at Fox on the heels of killing Wolverine, canceling the Fantastic Four and making no toys for X-Men: Days of Future Past. (Watch your back, Gambit.)

Deadpool #250 features some creative math, as per editor Jordan D. White…

So I started with Deadpool Circle Case, 4 issues. Then there was another Deadpool mini-series after that, 4 issues. Then there was the original ’97 Deadpool, which was 69 issues. Then there was Agent X for 15 issues, then we had Cable and Deadpool for 50 issues. Dan Way’s Deadpool series for 63 issues, and then now our new book for 45 issues, and add them all together, and that should come out to 250.

…and it will include Deadpool getting his hands on the Infinity Gauntlet before he dies.

How he expires is not yet known, but they might as well just create a Rupert Murdoch character and have him strangle DP to death.