New Cabin Fever Has EXACT SAME Script as the Original, Because F**k You


Let’s take stock of the Cabin Fever franchise, shall we?

There’s the original, which had some highly memorable scenes of gore and body horror, but a mess of a story and some bad jokes. The sequel, which director Ti West tried to make as more of a parody, only to see it get taken from and re-edited into something he now disowns. A prequel starring Sean Astin that disappeared fairly quickly. An apparent sequel to said prequel, in development. And now, Bloody Disgusting confirms that the next installment, which has already been shot, was a full-on remake using the same script as the 2002 original. Which means, I guess, that the bunny suit and the ironic racism joke will be back. (In case you never saw the original, a local redneck tells our main characters that his shotgun is “for niggers.” At the end of the movie, a group of black customers come in and he goes, “Hey! My niggaz!” and hands them the gun.)

The script for the original wasn’t what made it good, to the extent that it was – Eli Roth’s lifetime of having actually contracted weird diseases and their attendant phobias gave the gore a fever-nightmare feel that carried the viewer through the weak spots, one of which was that it had a downer story with no hope whatsoever.

Had they remade it in Lego, I’d in favor. But that’s it.