Topless Robot Visits a Sex Dungeon


In the unusual Japanese film (but I repeat myself) R100, which opens tomorrow in theaters and on-demand and you should see, a man signs himself up for a dominatrix service that operates like Kato in the Pink Panther movies, in that he can be attacked and forced to submit at any time. When the incursions become ever more threatening, and he tries to back out, he cannot – the fear that the line of safety will be crossed is not just part of the fetish, but it still turns him on even as it endangers his son.

Later in the film, we realize we’re watching a film within a film – the final work of a senile, 100 year-old director whose personal fetish is to force us to watch his weird fantasies onscreen, much to the befuddlement of the executives who’ve greenlit it. Naturally, to promote this film, Drafthouse Films decided I should come and visit a professional dominatrix’s dungeon, though I was forbidden from revealing the location – I’ll say only that the surrounding neighborhood felt calm and suburban and the residents would probably be extremely surprised if they knew.

I could tell you more, but fuck it…you want to SEE some stuff, right? Like me suffering the appropriate punishment for liking a Michael Bay movie? Come in….

Topless Robot Visits a Sex Dungeon from Voice Media Group on Vimeo.