Unfriended Trailer: Because You Really Wanted a Found-Footage Movie Based on Skyping


I have always been an advocate for horror movies metaphorically dealing with real-life fears, be it nuclear war (Dreamscape) or dating (May). So cyber-bullying to the point of suicide, which is a very modern and very real thing that frightens, is as rife for horror-mining as anything else.

But I’m also an advocate for not watching crappy, blocky, filmed-on-Skype conversations in a movie theater to which I paid full ticket price. If some enterprising kids made this movie for nothing on their laptops, bless ’em – it’s the perfect movie to watch online. But when I hear that Timur Bekmambetov, director of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, is the guy who developed and conceived this, then got it sold to Universal, I must assume either…

(a) It is so fucking brilliant that we viewers will be able to see past the utterly rotten-looking “cinematography,” or…

(b) Universal thinks teenagers are morons who will pay for anything that they call “horror” and can associate with a “visionary filmmaker” (who is known purely for adapting other people’s creations).

Also, trailer-makers: Who says “posted to the Internet” any more?