Whiplash Lead Actress Melissa Benoist is TV’s New Supergirl


She didn’t exactly have the biggest part in the metaphorical dick-measuring contest that was the primary plot of Whiplash, but she was good in her moments. No idea how she’ll be in this.

Benoist will play Kara, who after arriving on Earth was taken in by a foster family, the Danvers, who taught her to be careful with her extraordinary powers (which she shares with her famous cousin, Superman).

Now 24, Kara feels un-empowered, a slave to having repressed her innate abilities. She’s still pretty, but with her face hidden behind glasses and her hair pulled back, she doesn’t know it herself. An unexpected disaster forces her to use her powers in public. Energized by her heroic deed, for the first time in her life, Kara begins embracing her extraordinary abilities. She begins helping the people of her city and they soon take notice — and she’s even given a new moniker: Supergirl.

A Bing image search on her name already turns up nudes almost immediately, and high in the search.