Ask Luke’s Mother-in-Law: Worst Oscars Ever


Luke’s mother-in-law is former LAPD, a licensed property appraiser and a self-described crazy cat lady. None of which has prepared her for TR readers. All questions and answers are real.

Hi! Well, another week has passed. It was pretty boring on my end. The movie last week with the film fest was canceled because the projector broke, and it is to be rescheduled. No word as to when, but I’m keeping fingers crossed. Hopefully it will not be done to long. The rest of the week has been spent working. Such a thing, but I like to eat.

I’m working on getting something to download the TR podcast on; my laptop is being funky right now. Windows did an update and now I can’t get on the Internet. Tried a system restore, reboot of router and computer and no luck. Julia will look at it the next time I see her. The weather has been really nice most of the week, in the 80’s – sorry to my friends in snow country. Out working in shirt sleeves now. We did get a couple of small rain showers. But pretty soon it will be to darn hot out to be out in the daylight. Then I’ll wish I could see and appraise in the dark.


So, my pretties, not a lot of questions this week. Please keep sending them in. But with that said, on to what was sent.


Saint Paddy’s Day is on the horizon, do you celebrate it? If so how?

Yes, even though I am English and Scottish I like St. Pat’s day. Love to make a good corn beef and cabbage dinner with boiled potatoes and carrots. Yum yum. We don’t have any pubs etc out here. I did my wreath (pic last week).


hi hi mamasan,
just for weirdness sakes, would you rather make candles or soap?

Have been making candles all of my life. Never tried to do soap. I have lots of candle molds, wax, colors and scents. Love making and burning candles. Makes the house smell so good.


What’s the best time to come up to the desert, when it isn’t too hot or too cold?

Right now is pretty good. Last week we were in the 80’s all week. Generally the worst times are Dec-January (rain/cold and sometimes snow). The other worst is end of June through September. Where I live we get up to 120 degrees. To darn hot unless you are a lizard or snake. It also depends on which desert you are going to. If you are in the Coachella Valley (Palm Springs area) keep in mind that they get humidity due to all of the golf courses. Up in the Morongo Basin we do not have the humidity, so it’s nice and dry. I prefer the dry heat. We had decent rain this year so the desert flowers are just starting to show. In another couple of weeks we should be getting some good blooms.


“and Miley had clothes on.”

Dear Ms. Ppraisal,

Are you saying here that you prefer Miley without her clothes on? Were you a fan of her in a glittery body suit, bent over in front of Robin Thicke and licking herself?

Or was I the only one?

No, I was pleasantly surprised that she was dressed very nicely for the show. Sorry, but most of the times she dresses for shock value only. She is a very pretty and talented girl. I don’t think she needs to dress like a hoochie mama. The deal with Robin Thicke was pure trash. Again, she is talented and does not need to do this sort of stuff. I like her music, just don’t like to watch the spectacle. I’m lucky that I can close my eyes and listen and don’t have to watch.


The Oscars: utterly terrible or abysmally awful?

My opinion only, but I think it was one of the worst Oscars that I have watched. I love NPH, but the jokes were dismal. He is cute, but coming out in his tighty whities (Birdman ref) at a formal event – No No No. I liked the “Everything Is Awesome” part. I think that was my favorite part of the show. I understand that with it being the 50th Anniversary of Sound of Music, a tribute was done and that Miss Andrews can no longer sing. But please – Lady Gaga? Could we not have found someone a bit more like Maria?


What is the most annoying aspect of pop culture you regularly encounter?

Bad speech, bad spelling, which in turn has generally lead to bad manners. I find that a lot of this stems from the Internet, with spelling shortcuts etc Half the time I don’t know what people are saying.


I have a new theory that the government and/or corporations/credit card companies put a smart chip in your car that knows when you’re about to get a handle on your debt, and right on cue, says “FUCK YOU! Repair time!”

Given what you know about governments and conspiracies, how plausible does that sound?

Yes, I totally feel that you are 100% correct. I know that just when I start to see the light at the end of the very long tunnel, someone turns off the lights and things get really dark. I start getting one of those weird feelings in the pit of my stomach and then shortly thereafter something breaks. All consumer products nowadays have built-in obsolescence. If companies made things that never broke where would their business be? We have to replace things to keep the corporate bigshots buying all of their playthings and getting golden parachutes when they retire. I doubt I will see retirement for a very long time. I know that when I hit 65, which is in 6 years, I will still probably be climbing ladders and working 7 days a week.


This week I have attached a couple of pics of Love Bug. She found a small hiding spot on my very messy desk. Isn’t she sooooo cute? Another couple of the snow on the mountains after a night of rain. Classic California pic – snow on mountains and a palm tree.

So anyway. put your thinking caps on and send in some questions for next week or I will be forced to start asking the cats. I enjoyed the Master Chef Jr final and in a couple of weeks Hell’s Kitchen is back on and I can see Gordon Ramsay in all of his yelling glory. (He has to be nice to the kids.) Anyone watching The Bachelor? This season is really stupid. It’s about time to put thise series to bed for good. Anyway be good to each other this week and as always Huggs.


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