Evolve Action Figures Revealed: Monster Is Cool, Humans Are Meh

Entertainment Earth

I never quite understand how Funko’s legacy figures can be so varying in quality. They’ve done a Khal Drogo that looks like Jason Momoa just stepped off the screen, yet most of these humans look carved out of soap. I guess the Duck Dynasty dude has cool clothes, but the Quake-ish cyborg looks like bargain-bin fodder, and Black Judy Greer looks like she belongs in a Dr. Seuss movie.

Winged Woman looks like Brian Williams’ daughter – the Peter Pan one who had some dude put his face in her butt on Girls. Maybe you can reenact that scene with these if you so choose. And while that is the monster’s spiky tail between its legs, the photography is a little…shall we say…awkward.

Anyway, you can preorder them if you like. I probably won’t.