Gobots Return, and Actually Look Pretty Good


I know it used to be – and to a point, still is – “common knowledge” that Gobots always sucked compared to Transformers, although I know some kids who preferred them because you could transform them quickly during play. These modern revamps from Bandai and Action Toys, under the original name of Machine Robo, look like they’re out to change that perception big-time, with lots more articulation and conversions that involve more than just folding the legs into the stomach.

In the U.S., Hasbro now owns the rights to the Gobots name and has reappropriated it for a kid-friendly subline of Transformers. What that means for this line domestically, I don’t know – but I suspect you’ll have to rely on importers, at least for a while.

(more pics at TagHobby; h/t via ToyArk)