Lesbian Musical Dyke Hard Looks like the Jem Movie We’ll Never Get


It was our own Eric Diaz who suggested that a Jem movie ought to be cast with drag queens, but it looks like Swedish director Bitte Andersson has taken a similar idea and run with it. Except that the Holograms in this version are all gay, and they have to face off against cyborgs, ghosts and ninjas in order to get to the battle of the bands.

Set in 1986, Dyke Hard looks every bit as micro-budgeted as the typical Blumhouse film (which the official Jem movie will be), but actually living up to the “truly outrageous” description. It may not spell it quite the same way, but the trailer is certainly a gem. I’m used to seeing similar stuff pitched on Kickstarter – I guess in Sweden they just say fuck it and make movies like this unassisted.

via Twitchfilm