Matt Fraction and Kelly Sue DeConnick Make a Deal for Sex Criminals TV Show and More


I’m thinking the folks at Universal TV saw that cover and imagined it was like Fifty Shades of Grey.

Under the pact, the married duo will adapt some of their comic books as well as original TV series concepts. They also plan to use their Milkfed Criminal Masterminds production company as a TV launchpad for other comic creators’ IP.

In fact, Sex Criminals is about Suzie and Jon, a librarian and an actor, who both have the power to stop time when they orgasm and decide to rob a bank. It’s one of the funniest comics on the stands, and if you dig down under the Urban Dictionary’s worth of bizarre sex positions (The Fleshy Lightswitch) and genius but fake porn spoof titles (Un Chien Analou), it’s one of the most honest, heartfelt Eisner-award winning comics out there.

Not sure how safe it will be for TV, but time-stopping orgasms are not something I’ve seen before in live-action. Without the aid of porn and freeze-frame, I mean.

[Jim Dandeneau contributed to this post]