Top-Down Smackdown: WWE’s Take on Superbowl Anti-Sexism Ad Is Really Half-Assed.


Though it didn’t make our list this morning because I didn’t find it particularly creative, there was a Superbowl ad yesterday that was all about how phrases like “throw like a girl” have unnecessarily negative connotations. It spawned a hashtag, so of course somebody at WWE said something like, “Let’s get something that fits this trending hashtag, quick! It’s about how girls don’t suck at stuff, or whatever.”

Now, for all the crap we give WWE for various things they get wrong, it’s indisputable that they put together some of the best clip packages you’ve ever seen. Show recaps are tightly edited, “in memoriam” reels bring fans to tears, and career highlights are inevitably exciting. So why is this ad so amateurishly cut?

Pick one:
-They had to turn it around in less than a day.
-They have no recent footage from the main roster that actually makes any woman look good, or like a role model.
-Because all the main-roster Divas are based on male fantasy rather than female athleticism, they had to get the not-ready-for-prime-time female performers from NXT.

To be fair, the video description is technically accurate: “WWE NXT Divas redefine what it means to run #LikeAGirl, train #LikeAGirl and fight #LikeAGirl, empowering young female fans everywhere to defy labels and be the best they can be.”

Yes. “WWE NXT Divas.” Just don’t look too hard at the actual, main-roster WWE Divas, who are primarily defined nowadays by a “reality” soap about their love lives.

Now, here’s a question fro those of you who read this feature regularly – is it best to keep it Monday and have comments be a Raw talk-back? Or would it be better to run it Thursday, allowing me to more quickly comment on Monday stuff, and have it be a Smackdown talk-back? Let me know if there’s a preference.

WWE ad via Uproxx