Weekend Open Thread: Happy Friday the 13th, Toy Fair’s a Comin’!


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or on Twitter. Jim Dandeneau is at Toy Fair and will be Tweeting pics throughout the weekend, with a big list Monday morning that covers the highlights. If anything hugely awesome is revealed over the weekend, it may get its own separate post, so keep eyes on the main page as well as the comments section here.

And the winner of the limerick contest is HappyManCreates. It was tough, even after rooting out all the entries that had the wrong number of syllables, but his made me laugh the most. My apologies to the site in question – we like y’all, truly, but this is funny.

This nerd site’s news section’s quite fine
But the talk backers’ comments do whine
I swear they all read
Like a tween’s Tumblr feed
Well no wonder – I’m at IO9!

Happy weekend, and HappyMan, email me your info.