Winston Churchill’s Blood Is up for Sale, so Let’s Get Cloning!


How many times have you thought to yourself, “Today’s world leaders are terrible. If only we could clone somebody great like Winston Churchill”?

Well, now’s your chance.

A phial containing traces of Churchill’s blood, drawn from the former prime minister as he recovered in hospital from a fractured hip, is being offered for sale to the highest bidder. Churchill was treated in the Middlesex hospital in London in 1962 at the age of 87 after breaking his hip while in Monte Carlo. It was feared that he would not survive but he soldiered on until the age of 90.

Dude was an overweight smoker and drinker who lived to be 90. Even if we can only clone his liver, lungs and heart, it’d be worth it.

If the sample’s not clean enough, fill in the gaps with frog DNA. That works, right?