Ask Luke’s Mother-in-Law: Castles for Sale This Easter


Martha Boyd is former LAPD, a licensed property appraiser and a self-described crazy cat lady. None of which has prepared her for TR readers. All questions and answers are real.

Hi all. Well, we are back under the control of LYT. They escaped for the weekend and I understand they had a good time in Las Vegas, and got to ride on the world’s tallest Ferris wheel…and that is has a bar in it. Only in Vegas. They also hit up one of the best seafood buffets in town at the Rio. I can second that the on buffet; they took me there one time when we were in town for a pageant and it was the best. Yes, we have dragged LYT to a beauty pageant one time. Julia was a judge and he came along for the ride and to see how she got all of the crowns that he now has to live with. Witney did a good job for the site – I enjoyed many of the pieces. This has been another busy week of appraising for me, but it’s all good as there will be times when work is slow, and you have to work when the work is here. This week I got to appraise a property that was at one time owned by James Cagney – how cool is that?

For any of you who may be in the desert or heading out this way – remember rattlesnake season is on. They are heading out to catch the sun after the winter; we get one or two a year on our property. John was always good about grabbing a shovel and cutting off the head, and as a result, we have snakeskins in the house. The serpents do help keep the rats down, so I just try to avoid them.

The St Patrick’s wreath is down for the year and now I present the Easter wreath. Hope you all like it. Also working on Easter baskets. Have to get them ready for the Easter Bunny to fill. Yes, the Easter Bunny stops by the house and during the year I take care of all of the offspring that are running around in my yard. Many years ago when we had one of our wolves I caught him out sleeping by the pool with the cutest bunny curled up at his back leg. They were so cute.



Who’s the best Moses – Charlton Heston or Christain Bale?

Nothing against Christian Bale: he is a wonderful actor, but I am old-school and my Moses is 100% Mr. Heston. I just love watching him part the Red Sea at Universal. I watch The 10 Commandments every year and even have it on a DVD.


do you think the plan by the movie studios to have all the different superhero movies planned for the next decade will be built up until it collapses onto itself with a few mega budget films failing and people losing interest

I think the studios will burn this out just like they do every other genre. But I think they have a good thing going for however long it lasts, and who knows, it could be quite a long time. The folks behind comic books keep on cranking out decent stories so there is a lot of material to cover. There are very good and creative writers doing comics.


Last night I had a dream where I was climbing some scaffolding and when I got to the top and looked down there was an audience.
Then Weird Al playing his accordion and Jim Parsons (Sheldon from BBT) was playing a giant Swiss horn showed up on top of my Scaffolding and started playing a duet.
Then from the audience Bono stood up and went to his band mate already set up and started to sing along.
Only instead of their usual drummer Lou Ferrigno dressed as the Hulk was beating a GIANT DRUM a la Taiko Drums and he kept falling all over himself until in a fit of rage he smashed the drum to bits .
Then I woke up
any ideas?

Wow, what a concert that would be. Now if we could just figure out a way to make all of these guys come together and actually put this on. What did you eat before the dream? Because this was a really great dream .


hi hi mamasan.
my cat likes to terrorize the toilet paper as well.
are there any drawbacks to being a budding online media star? i ask because my cat momo is gaining fame on twitter as a #beercat

I have had to put the TP up high and also hide it when I go away. I would have loved to have seen Frizzy going thru the 5 rolls in my house and then the reaction the cat sitter had when she found the mess. My house is about 2500 square feet and it was everywhere.

Well, so far no drawbacks from what my kitties have done. They have been on this site, and several cat sites, and facebook. They aren’t earning their cookies so far. Don’t know how Grumpy Cat made it so big. But maybe things will work out for your kitty and you can retire and let him support you. This week another pic of Mr. Friz belly up (his fav pose) and one of Miss Lovebug, caught her with her eyes closed. Julia’s cat is even in a web series and has been on TR. When we were doing the podcast, Francis was on the table and kept running her tail across the microphone.



Hi again!

As an avid reader of Pratchett (just have 3 Discworld books to go), I highly recommend you start with “Guard, Guard, Guards”, the first of the City Watch series. I think you would really like Commander Vimes and company and Pratchett handles the Discworld LEOs sympathetically, as well the perps (though the perp in this case is a dragon 😉 You can look up on the web for the reading order of the other City Guard books. Enjoy!!

Thanks for the suggestion – may have to add this to my vacation reading list.


recent outrage over perpetually drunken Secret Service agentraises avalid question; If your’re job is to jump in front of bullets wouldn’t being drunk make you better at your job?

Well, considering that I have had 3 patrol cars wounded while I was in them I would say no – not before the incident. However I can somewhat remember various sergeants etc. buying several drinks after the fact -of course this was after the paperwork was all written.


There’s a 115 room castle up for sale in Italy. Obviously there are things that you can do in such a massive home than normal homes simply cannont meet the challege of. What would you do with it: How much closet space is really enough?

Pretty nice place – I saw that it also has 100+ bathrooms. Can you imagine the heating bill in the winter? Ouch. It would make a nice hotel. But wouldn’t it be fun just to rattle around in it with your family and friends? I would bet it is light, however, on the closet space. Most castles don’t have closets – clothes were generally in wardrobe cabinets. But to dream it looks like a pretty nice place.

After I looked up your castle I did a bit more looking on the Internet – check out Now if we can just figure out how to win the lottery hmmmmmmmm. The site even has castles for rent, and it might be better to try one on first before taking the plunge.

Well, gang, that’s about it for this week. Keep those “cards and letters” coming. I must get back to my Bubble Witch game. Love this game and play every day. Oh and I now have 4G on my cel phone. Not sure if it is any better then what was there before, but it had to go on so my Internet would again work on the phone. A nice young lady at the ATT store made it all better. She was very nice, greeted me at the door and walked me out of the store when we were done. I gave her all 10 ratings on the survey I look later in the day. Be good to each other this next week and as alway HUGGS.

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