UPDATE: Rip Hunter and Hawkgirl Will Be on the CW’s New Arrow/Flash Spinoff


UPDATE: Now they’ve added time-traveler Rip Hunter to the mix. And he’ll be played by a guy with no shortage of experience in that area: Arthur Darvill!

It’s the Kendra Saunders version, played by relative unknown Ciara Renee, joining a super-team featuring Brandon Routh’s Atom, Laurel Lance Caity Lotz, Captain Cold, Heat Wave and a couple more TBD.

We were told there’d be three major DC characters never before seen on TV, and I’ll assume that means live-action, though there are technicalities – she was mentioned as being dead on Smallville, and the animated version was Shayera Hol.

I really, really hope her costume looks a lot better than Smallville Hawkman’s, and that they’re all-in for some decent-looking wings. Though given how different the Atom is, they may well just give her a jetpack or something.