Monocles Packaged Like Condoms Have More Than Doubled Kickstarter Goals Already


There aren’t many things hipster-douchier than wearing a monocle ironically, but packaging one as a condom and trying to make sex jokes about it comes close. And because there is never not a market for douchey things, the Kickstarter for “The Gentleman’s Single-Use Monocle,” by a fellow named Zachary Weiner, hit its target almost immediately.

We figure this product is a joke you tell with a prop. So, rather than having you open a new one every time you show it to a friend, you can just show off the clear back. That way, everyone can see that (yes really) there is a monocle in that suspicious little wrapper.

So, the goal is to make us all into Carrot Top-style prop comics?

You know what? I’ll take that. Dude used to be funny.

Even though the pitch video below is hide-your-face embarrassing…

ADDENDUM, from comments below:


h/t Brando Lars