A New Muzzle Takes All the Embarrassment Out of Karaoke, Replaces It with Sadness


Do you love to sing, but know you have an awful, awful singing voice? Japan, bless their hearts, have come up with the ultimate solution: A Karaoke Muzzle.

This is a widget called “Karaoke By Yourself,” and it allows you to croon drunkenly off-key all by your lonesome without having to worry about the pesky social interaction or musical camaraderie that usually comes along with karaoke. The widget is essentially an oxygen mask that you plug into your TV or stereo or iPod, and then place firmly over your own mouth. You hear your own singing and the music through a pair of headphones.

You know how silly people looked back when they played on those virtual reality headsets that never really took off? How they would flail about their bodies, whip around, and try to simulate walking? Well now you can recreate that experience. You can groove along to music, wail like Grace Slick, but this time have full eye contact with the people peering at your curiously. Oh wait. This is karaoke by yourself. No one would be looking.

You can mail-order Karaoke By Yourself from Amazon Japan.

Get some practice. By next week, I want you to give me a perfect performance of “Informer” by Snow.