Mattel’s 1966 Yvonne Craig Batgirl Figure to Be Toys R Us Comic-Con Exclusive


Mattel basically had a goldmine handed to them when the 1966 Batman merchandise licensing issues were finally cleared up, and they blew it with insanely high price points, ugly conspicuous joints and scarce distribution (I’ve seen exactly one Penguin and Catwoman, ever). Don’t even get me started on the trading cards that are supposed to form a backdrop yet made so there’s no way to line them up properly on the included stands.

Nonetheless, they are the only figures of Adam West and company that you’re likely to get any time soon in that scale, and if you’ve been collecting them, you might want to know that Batgirl is coming to Comic-Con – as a tail-ender in a line that isn’t doing well, there probably wasn’t any other option. I mean, how is it that Figures Toy Company is making the likes of Egghead and Mad Hatter, and even episode-specific variants? Don’t just say “parts reuse” – Mattel does that too.

Don’t expect to ever get her signature Batcycle, but Batgirl will be available at the Entertainment Earth booth (#2343) and online at from Thursday, July 9 through Sunday, July 12. [also note that the Star Wars “Black Series” exclusive on that page is 3.75″ scale, not 6″ as listed. So it’s all repacks]