Patton Oswalt Seriously Wants Unbreakable Sequels, Still Likes Shyamalan


I liked Unbreakable a lot too, and thought the ending’s “where are they now” onscreen text was a bit abrupt. Like so many more conventional superhero narratives, it was an origin story without the payoff of a sequel unburdened by beginnings. Patton Oswalt still wants more, and in the video below, he discusses his ideas with Screen Junkies.

But I think it’s time to let go of the notion that a trilogy is happening, as M. Night Shyamalan used to suggest. (I know, I know, we used to say that about a Blade Runner 2 as well.) If the now nerd-reviled auteur does return to his best work to make two more installments, however, the best part will be that we can call it…


…a Manoj-a-trois.


via Indiewire’s Playlist