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The Walking Dead Recap and SPOILER Thread – A Lennie Saved Is a Lennie Earned



Finally, FINALLY the character whose name I forgot but is played by Lennie James shows up again. And yeah, I could look his name up, but I’m not gonna. It’s a cruel world out there and I play by my own rules.

My reactions to this finale episode, in order of me having them…

-HOLY SHIT are we finally acknowledging Lennie James? Only took you the whole season.

-The “W” stands for wolves, eh? Not “Wolverines”? This ain’t no Red Dawn of the Dead, I guess. Though somebody will make that movie now.

-Stupid. Don’t tell the guy you’re going to kill him until you’re actually gonna do it. For a guy who likes movies, you’ve obviously never seen the ones featuring a character named “James Bond.”

-Speaking softly, carrying a big stick…and positioning your kills in a gay sex position to be eaten by zombies. I think that’s what Teddy Roosevelt had in mind.

-Rick needs to have a facial Band-Aid contest with Marv from Sin City.

-Rick is not significantly less psychotic than the alcoholic surgeon, when you think about it.

-“The cavemen were all nomads, and they died.” What a great story. So there are no nomads around today, right? Or…I guess yesterday, for you guys in the future world.

-I really really hope Sasha’s zombie mass grave isn’t meant as a Holocaust metaphor. Sympathy for the zombies rarely works.

-Eh, sleeping on corpses. I guess if they’re squishy it’s comfier than the hard ground.

-“Oh, sunshine.” Nice.

-Wait, did I just see an ad FOR the season finale DURING the season finale that I am watching at this moment?

-Wolves. Red riding hood. I get it, man.

-This wouldn’t be much of a show if just talking solved stuff.

-“The word of God is the only protection I need.” That and a bite-proof suit, father.

-If you can see the guy from a mile away, how did you lose track of him, Aaron?

-You can slice heads with a license plate? Good to know.

-Aaaaand Todd McFarlane is now salivating about making those trailers with hanging torsos.

-With that “I want my dish back clean when you’re done,” I do believe Carol has taken over from Daryl as biggest badass on the show. If ever a character is introduced named Farrell, keep your eyes on ’em.

-Oh my God, he (maybe) killed Glenny! You bastard!

-No, we shouldn’t see you two talking, We should be seeing you doing it, already.

-Like a surgeon! Cut for the very first time! Like a surrrrrgeon…When your heart beats…in Rick’s hand, it’s inev-i-table!

-Lit a cigarette and lie some more, these conversations kill. Driving nowhere in this car…

-So by the rule of black (male) cast members, Gabriel has to die now, right? Well shit, dude, you don’t have to make it THAT easy…

-Sigh. Of course it’s a fake-out. Crybaby.

-Abraham is reminding me that Sheamus was supposed to come back to WWE soon, and he wasn’t even in WrestleMania.

-That is not a good job of door-shutting, but I’m sure it won’t come up again later.

-Oh my God, they (maybe) killed Glenny AGAIN! You bastards!

-“Just don’t MAKE something happen.” Well, sorry, Michonne, but that’s pretty much the definition of a protagonist.

-You may find yourself…in a beautiful house. And you may say to yourself…”Well…How did I get here?”

-Yeah, I’m thinking this priest is pretty bad at his job.

-Sorry, Rick’s too busy saving your asses AGAIN to make his own trial.

-Trigger the PTSD girl, Gabriel. That’s a reeeeal good idea.

-“There’s a vast ocean of shit that you people don’t know shit about.” Abe has a way with words. Sheeeit.

-My, what a big throat wound you have, Red Riding Hood.

-Drinking game for anyone rewatching this – do a shot any time somebody says “you people.”

-How the hell did Maggie get there that fast?

-Compassion wins! Sort of.

-You are not ready. PlayStation’s original motto, that.

-OH SNAP! Mister Deanna down! Best shock moment of the episode, albeit one that makes it an extremely open and shut case for killing asshole surgeon and banging his wife.

-Well, thank the fucking gods Lennie didn’t just breeze through for a random stick-fight. Now, do we have to wait all of next season before he’s referred to again?

-Decent finale, but I honestly thought the last beat would involve the Wolves. The truck-trailer deathtrap owned. Surprising amount of resolution, and multiple black characters still alive. And now I go back to having to find an extra story for Monday morning each week.

Your turn.

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