The Walking Dead Recap – Try


N.B. This recap is being done by someone who has not seen a single episode of Frank Darabont’s The Walking Dead, including the very episode he is going to recap. As such, he is going to make everything up. The author feels his version of the show can only be better than the one we’re getting. So he assumes.

– The episode is called “Try,” and the plot involves characters named Rick and Pete having a confrontation in Alexandria, while other characters named Daryl and Aaron are our recruiting for their own nefarious purposes. Probably to build up their own army, and take down Arthur Freen, the just-ascended dark lord of America, and a character I just made up.

– Rick discovered a magical tiara in an overturned truck, which gives him the ability to shave himself and anyone standing nearby just by thinking. The only thing he shaves is a passing raccoon (possibly a Walker), but there is a lot of dark foreshadowing that the series may be completely beard-free in the near future.

– This show seems to be all about looking after yourself and screwing your neighbor. Ayn Rand would love this show.

– The appearance of cannibals always has me wondering what human meat would taste like. The appearance of Flippy, the cannibal chef (played by Matt Frewer), raises some interesting new ideas. If human meat is delicious enough, and is prepared in a vast variety of ways, will more people convert? I have a feeling the cannibals will soon be the main heroes of the show.

– Does George Romero exist in this universe? Is this just a parallel universe where there was no George Romero, no Night of the Living Dead, and no zombie literature? The character make no reference to him. If I was living through the zombie apocalypse, that’s all I’d do. I’d say “They’re coming to get you, Barbara” on an hourly basis (and I’d like be murdered by a machete as a result). Maybe this is a lesson to viewers. Look after Mr. Romero. He’s the only thing that prevents the zombie uprising. Although I can’t figure out how. Better to take care of him anyway. Buy a copy of Survival of the Dead. You may not like the movie, but your future may depend on it.

– I loved the rap number. Good lyrics. Kickin’ beat.

– That’s the first time I’ve seen a zombie have a fight with a white werewolf. Are the werewolves a regular thing on the show?

– My favorite character is Carl, the Wesley Crusher of the show. He can build zombie weapons out of anything! What did you think of the bike that launches wooden spears into zombie heads? It was awesome! It had flames on the sides and looks like it can go really fast! Also, it can dispense Capri-Sun. Capri-Sun kills zombies. Not a lot of people know that.

– Arthur Freen is an asshole. He’s going to keep all the food to himself. I’m glad Daryl and Allen put aside their differences, declared their love for one another, and teamed up to take him down. Can’t wait until the next episode!

– The episode was 44 minutes long.

What did YOU think?