Watership Down May Be Getting a Remake…for the Wrong Goddamn Reasons


As a fan of the book, I am – in theory – okay with a new filmed version, if the reasoning behind it is to go back and do the full story properly, without having to condense it into two hours or having any Art Garfunkel on the soundtrack.

Naturally, that’s not the reason being given for doing one.

“People love the 1978 film in but with new CGI technology we can do amazing things – you can see the wind blowing the fur which you didn’t get with the cartoon film,” a mole (or should that rabbit?) tells

Yeah, and you’ll also traumatize the kids way more when photo-realistic bunnies tear each others’ throats out. The book doesn’t over-emphasize the violence, but by not shying away from it, the cartoon inevitably did relative to other cartoons about animals.

Then again, the Radio Times article that’s claiming this also seems to think Thumper from Bambi is a character in Watership Down, so maybe, mercifully, this is BS.

[Nice book cover, by the way. Who is the potential reader who thinks, “Watership Down, eh? I wonder if this is by the same guy who wrote the follow-up to Watership Down?”]

via Cartoon Brew