Agents of SHIELD Is Getting a Spin-off; Please Be Deathlok!


Now that they’ve un-fucked the stupid Lazer Tag vest costume he had originally, the Mike Petersen Deathlok seems to me the perfect character to follow into a separate series. Since, at this point, he’s obviously not going to get his own movie, the fan-favorite angry cyborg – even in a different form than comic fans are familiar with – ought to be a headliner of some kind.

The problem with any other kind of spin-off is that it either makes the core show worse or just comes off as a bad idea. Like, if you do an Agent May show, Agents of SHIELD just got worse because you took the coolest character away. But if you do The Irritating Adventures of FitzSimmons, nobody’s gonna watch it.

And if you do The Real SHIELD you just confuse everybody, or risk having Paul Heyman and Jim Cornette yell at you that you ripped them off.