Ask Luke’s Mother-in-Law: Where Doves Lie


Martha Boyd is not just Luke’s mother-in-law – she’s also an ex-cop, a landlord, a self-described crazy cat lady, a major Star Trek geek and the widow of a green beret. So go ahead: ask her anything. And we mean anything.

Well here we are at the last Thursday of April. Tomorrow is May Day and in a few more days, Cinco De Mayo. One of my fave holidays as I love Mexican food. Julia’s first solid food was beans and rice with salsa. No wonder she is so fiery – you are what you eat.

Getting the pool open and ready for the summer swimmin’ time. I’m in the lowest level of water use in my water district, but I will have my pool. I already do all of the water conservation things the Govt. is saying we need to do. I hate 5 min showers, only do laundry on very full loads, stopped watering plants, don’t have any grass, killed off my evap cooler (uses tons of water), no veg garden this year. My spa tub has not been filled in over a year – miss it. The pool is the last straw. My water bill is generally about $45 a month – now $25 of this is just the privilege of having a water meter, so my usage is only $20 a month. The lady at the water district said if I cut anymore I would not be using anything. Oh yeah, and the desert where I live is where the utility company Edison turns off the power first when there is a power shortage day. Turn off the power to the folks who live in the 100+ degree area; makes such sense – but they know we will not riot like other areas. People in the deserts are generally tough old birds. End soap box time. LOL.


My photos this week are of new arrivals to my family of small creatures. My outside light fixtures have become good nesting areas of my doves. I have several new little ones and several nests with eggs. My doves seem to lay 2 eggs per nest. I put bird seed down on the ground under the nests so the moms don’t have to go far to eat. They don’t seem to mind me going in and out of the doors to the house as they just stay on the nest. They are all good moms. When we put in the new outside lights we picked fixtures with flat tops in the hopes they would make good nests and they have.

Also while wandering in the desert I came across this new house under construction. Looks like it belongs on a Star Wars set. I hope I don’t have to appraise it someday. Doubt there is another one like it in the area. I thought it was cool so snapped a picture. I guess maybe you could compare it to a dome home – we do have a couple of those in the area, but they are the traditional type.


So on to the questions:


What do you make of this article about housing in LA?

Pretty right on. CA loves to find ways to restrict construction due to environmental issues – yet we have to spread out more to find affordable housing and drive more which also hurts the environment. You know yourself from looking at houses that to get anything affordable you have to go to the boonies or win the lotto. Renting in LA is also expensive. For example I have 2 bedroom/1 bath apts in 29 Palms that rent for $550 a month. The same apt in your area goes for $2000 a month. Go figure.


Dear Ms. Ppraisal,

When I went to Mexico some 25 years ago, we tried ceviche bought from a beach vendor who basically walked down the beach with a crock full of the stuff and a pack of tostadas.

The recipe at the time called for raw shark marinated in lime juice then mixed with chopped onions and tomatoes and whatnot.

Have you ever had this dish? Is it still made the same way and sold by hustlers on the beaches?

Yes, it is very good. The hotel where we stay makes it with Marlin. I have made it with various white fish; tilapia is good as is cod. I make mine with cilantro, onion, diced tomato and a bit of garlic and jalapeno to taste. Great on warm tortillas with a bit of butter and salt.


As a Star Trek fan do you have any thoughts on the Iconian War?

Iconians have been warriors since ancient Greece. In Star Trek times they are still a nasty group. The trailer you posted looked interesting. The Iconians have been in ST Next Gen in “Contagion” and in the DS9 novel “Demons of the Air and Darkness,” the Star Trek online game and there is even fanfic. Where would the ST world be without great villians? We would be left with Captains romancing all over the universe.


Thanks, Momma Robot, yeah, like I said, I believe in life on other planets, but I can’t see why they’d come to Earth. We’re like the Wisconsin of the Milky Way. 😉

Perhaps the Earth is their ha-ha break, sort of like going to Disneyland and playing with things. They come here on vacation and play with us.


Can you trust the raw fish in Mexico?

Yep, I eat it all the time and so far all has been good no revenge related issues.


hi hi mamasan…
do you know the way to san jose? i do believe it’s on the el camino real, one of the longest original roads in america.

Loved the pics you posted of you cacti. Very pretty. For me there are 2 routes to get up to San Jose. The 101, which is the coast route and also known as El Camino Real, or up the 5 thru the central valley. I prefer the 101 – a much prettier drive in my opinion. A really pretty rtip up that way is to take Amtrak. The rails run right along the coast line and in some places you feel like you may fall in if the train tips. This run on Amtrak is the Coast route, and a great way to see the area without having to drive.

Well, my friends, this brings another week and month to a close. Don’t have too many margaritas on 5/5. I am loving volunteering at the Sheriffs station. This is a place where you can tease the deputies and not get into trouble. So far, everyone I have come into contact with has been welcoming, super nice and helpful. I know there is a lot of negative press right now about law enforcement, but please keep an open mind when you see it on TV or read a news report. With anything there are always 2 sides. Until you have been a cop, etc., and walked in their shoes it is hard to judge. The only place I ever fired my weapon was on the range; however, I have been shot at many time and can claim 3 units with multiple holes. No protests over the deaths of these units or that I was shot at. So the next time you see a cop say hi, wave and smile – they may be the one responding to save your bacon one day. As always be good to each other this next week and Huggs.

Martha wants your questions. On ANY topic – seriously. No holds barred. So leave some below in comments.