Blu-ray Today: Batman and Babadook Battle Brooding Boys


The Babadook – If it’s on Blu-ray, written up by Luke, you shouldn’t get rid of The Babadook. Jennifer Kent’s slow-build, increasingly taut monster movie about a creepy children’s book that draws power from repressed traumas was a horror hit with fans and critics alike, with an excellent lead performance by Essie Davis as the mother of an annoying asshole kid who might be driven to murder him before the movie’s out. If the sometimes-invisible, sometimes ink-blot-like monster of the title doesn’t get them both first.

The Blu-ray includes the original short film that helped Kickstarter the feature, as well as deleted scenes and interviews. Unlike the book in the movie, it is probably not flame-proof, so don’t go there.

When a movie gives me the chills thinking back on it, I know that its scares worked well. I just wish Kent hadn’t felt the need to leave room for an unnecessary sequel possibility.

Batman vs. Robin – Another movie this week about why kids are terrible, this time with Damian Wayne taking on his father in the animated sequel to Son of Batman. That boy ain’t right, I Talia whut.

The Woman in Black 2: Angel of Death – If you liked the first one but thought it was ruined by too much good acting from that Harry Potter kid, the sequel just might be for you.

The Man With the Iron Fists 2 – If you liked the first one, but thought it was ruined by having big-name stars like Russell Crowe, the direct-to-video sequel just might be for you.

Metal Hurlant Chronicles – Thing I didn’t know: Metal Hurlant is the original French name for Heavy Metal magazine. Thing I did know, but vaguely: there was a TV series on Syfy adapting 24 different stories, and featuring the likes of Rutger Hauer and Michael Jai White. Thing I have: the Blu-ray, which remains shamefully unwatched as I haven’t had the time. I look forward to making some.

Long Weekend – 1978 Australian environmental horror, in which a couple on a camping trip generally make a mess of their surroundings, and gradually start falling prey to counterattacks from nature itself. Remade in 2008, but this version sounds better.

Tales of Terror – Anthology horror-humor hybrid directed by Roger Corman and (loosely) based on Edgar Allan Poe stories, with Vincent price, Peter Lorre and Basil Rathbone. Say no more. Sold.

Class of 1984 – A terrifying vision of the then-future world of 1984, in which schools are overrun by gangs! Cowritten by Tom Holland, and featuring an early performance by Michael J. Fox.

Ultimate Warrior: Always Believe – I don’t often plug wrestling discs in this column, but Warrior’s matches were as comic-booky as they come, and this latest collection includes some of the documentary footage that was being shot around the time of his death. Alas, this still doesn’t include Warrior’s hourlong Summerslam title bout against Randy Savage, which so far has only been on a bonus edition of the negative “Self Destruction” DVD, despite it being his best match. Yet battles against Iron Mike Sharpe and Frenchy Martin make the cut. Okay then. I’ll buy it anyway because I’m a total mark.

Big Eyes – A Tim Burton movie set in the real world and without Johnny Depp. I’m confused by this.

So what might you be picking up today?